Auto Shutdown using Easy Shutdown Utility

Automatically Shutdown Computer according to a defined schedule. Easy ShutDown Provides the functionality to add actions to shutdown at specified time, after x hours y minutes, add actions to be executed daily (although you can exclude any week day). The utility can auto shutdown, auto log off, auto restart etc. The utility can hibernate computer (if supported) and can wake up computer at specfied time or after specified duration. The utility allows to create System Wide Hot Keys & Shortcut(s) on Desktop to easily access the various functions provided by the utility. Works on XP, Vista, and even Windows 7. Easy ShutDown Main Screen

Download Free Trial Of Easy ShutDown Utility to Auto Shutdown Computer Or visit the Easy Shutdown Software Home.

Shutdown Timer

Shutdown Timer can auto Shutdown computer,Restart computer,Log Off signed on User after 1 to 120 minutes with ease. The utility also allows to switch monitor off when initiating the timer to shutdown the computer. Register for $5.00 and get free upgrades. Works on Windows XP, Vista and Other Windows Operating Systems. Trial version does not have any nagging pop-ups. Trial Version allows to use features upto 15 times.

Download Fully Function Trial Version of Shutdown Timer Now. You can also Visit the Shutdown Timer Website to know more about the software.

Auto Shutdown pc Screen of Shutdown Timer Utility

Turn Off Monitor

Turn Off Monitor utility can be useful to save electricity as computer's monitor consume good amount of electricity. The Utility can be used to launch default screensaver if there is no user input for x minutes. The Utility can turn off monitor on the click of a desktop shortcut or pressing a system wide hot key on the keyboard. You can also define you own icon to be displayed in the system tray and in case you do not want the system tray icon to be displayed, you can turn it off as well using settings of the utility. The Utility can also be useful when running a Laptop on Battery and you do not need display to remain on. Do have a look at the screenshot of system tray menu given below to get an idea of what the application can offer.

Download Free Trial of Turn Off Monitor utility now.

Turn Off Monitor System Tray Icon

Note : Trial versions which can be downloaded above do not have a nagging popup or a reminder, hence when the trial usage is complete , the utilities will stop working.

Note : After registering for any of the above described utility, you will receive an email containing link to the full version / registration key. In case of any issues please do write to us.

Note : All the above utilities have been designed to easily initiate auto shutdown, turn off monitor etc. In case you feel that any of the above said utility should have some added feature, please do write to us. All upgrades to the utilities are provided to users at no extra cost.

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